The land at Norton Farm varies considerably in terms of topography and landscape. The larger fields with their different crops around the farm buildings contrast with the smaller fields and wetlands towards Rosemarket. Hedgerows are a valuable conservation feature and very important in the landscape, whilst providing stock boundaries and offering a degree of protection from wind.

These are typically made up of stone and earth construction, supporting shrubs such as hawthorn and blackthorn. The hedgerows support a wide range of breeding birds and small mammals. 

There is one reservoir at Norton Farm which is used for Irrigation. The pond supports flora and fauna. It is spring fed, inaccessible to stock and has a small shrub area. There are several streams forming the boundary to the farm, these provide important habitats for amphibians, reptiles, invertebrates and small fish.

The wooded valley forming part of the northern boundary at Norton Farm is of great interest. Buzzards are known to frequent the woodland and it is an important area for a wide range of woodland birds.


  • Maintain and develop a successful farming business utilising farming practices that are sensitive to the needs of the environment.
  • Protect and encourage existing diversity of wildlife and respect and enhance the landscape.
  • Pursue new opportunities for wildlife and habitats including, where possible, habitat creation.
  • Utilise, where applicable, grant air and other agri-environemnt schemes to support environmental improvements on the land holding.
  • Prevent fertilisers and agro-chemicals from spreading onto non-cropped areas.
  • Develop and regularly review and integrated Management Plan for conservation and landscape features on the holding, which provides flexibility for the changing needs of the farm business.
  • Manage Public Rights of Way in a responsible manner.
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